About Shlomo Photography

Shlomo, with 30 years of experience and training in both graphic design and photography, is one of the leading photographers in the State of Maryland. His background in the visual arts has distinguished him from all others.

His clients receive not simply a visual record of memorable events in their lives, but a work of art celebrating the uniqueness of life itself. A passionate craftsman with a commitment to his clients, Shlomo Cohen dissolves the boundary between subject and object.  His passion is yours.

Over the past 10 years, Shlomo has been honored with many awards through the MPPA and the SEPPA (Southeastern Professional Photographers Association) including:

  • Honored as the Photographer of the Year (four times)
  • Runner-up for the Photographer of the Year (twice)
  • Received the award for Best Album of the Year
  • Honored as the Album Photographer of the Year
  • Received the Outstanding Achievement Award for the Best Portrait of a Man from the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association

Shlomo also received two prestigious awards, which are coveted by the photographic community, the KODAK GALLERY AWARD and the FUJI MASTERPIECE AWARD.

Corporations created these awards in order to recognize photographic excellence. They are designed to distinguish professional photographers who are producing work at the highest level of their craft and are contributing to the growth of the professional photography industry.